It’s nice to see you in our store!

Help the customers on the spot, show the facts, show the possibilities and answer any possible questions immediately while tracking the whole process until the product is sold.

This sales assistant tool is a touchscreen-based software solution. The TouchBud Advisor System is compatible with variety of camera, visual aid, electronic shelf label, digital scale, smart light and sensor integration. “TouchBud” will help the clients to find the ideal product or solution. With this concept we have all the abilities of a custom-made software and embedded hardware. We will include 3D visualisation, sales analytics, customer management, paperless agreement for order and tax refund after shopping and live database integration with stock management.

This concept works on tablets, smartphones and terminals and from that device the clients or the staff itself will be able to control the additional features like an animated background behind the products, a TV – with cast screen function – on the wall or smart lights, to show the product or service ideas in different ambience, and make the scene realistic.

Of course, all the information you have about the most precious or bestseller products like videos, images, tutorials or important facts will be just a tap or two away.

After a successful product identification, we’ll guide customers with help of visual aids from the display to the real products in the shelves if requested.